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Daily Boat tours:


Half day 175.000 IDR / person

(Islands besar Manjangan and kecil Manjangan island)


Full day 225.000 IDR / person

(Islands kecil Cemara, besar Cemara, Geleang, island)


This includes snorkeling gear (mask and snorkel), swim vest and lunch.



Full day charter of the boat, just for you 2.000.000 IDR

(This include 1 tank of fuel, if long trips is planed will additional fuel be charged)


When sailing with Go Green Tour we offer comfort, seafty and guaranteed adventure.

In 2017

we give you special price.


‘An archipelago within an archipelago’ maybe it is the best description for Karimunjawa islands that located in northwest of Jepara, a little coastal town in Central Java. Karimunjawa islands consists of 27 islands with the main island, where the harbor for the ferry from Jepara and Semarang is located, named Karimun and the second largest island, which is connected to the main island, is Kemujan. Out of 27 islands, only 5 islands (Karimun, Kemujan, Kamagin, Digimon, and Parang) are inhabited with most of the population is Javanese, some of Bugis, and some others are Madurese.






















The sea surrounds this archipelago is so rich with marine life. Having influenced by the northwest monsoon when the wind blows from the west, the currents go east. Then the dry wind come from southeast together with the water masses sent by the Flores Sea. Meanwhile the Banda Seas provide low temperature. The sandy slope with depth around 55m becomes as cold as 15°C, such a lovely environment for the coral reefs to live and grow.


In 2001, twenty-two islands are declared as Marine National Park as the part of Karimunjawa National Park. Karimunjawa offers fascinating diving experience from the meadow made of abundant hard and soft corals with plethora of fishes to the mystery lies behind a shipwreck named Indonor. The water can be very calm and as clear as vodka on the rock during November, just perfect for an underwater exploration. The sites are not only for divers with experiences, but also for novice divers and snorkelers.


The people of Karimun, the main island, are welcome to visitors. Some houses have been turned into guesthouse offer the simplicity of living on the island. There are some mid-range hotel and at least one high-end accommodation on the island. The island offers a lively daytime and very quiet evening for most of the people while some fishermen begin their day throwing lure around the jetty to catch some squids.


Karimun Jawa dive sites