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Want a package tour to Karimun Java?

GO GREEN TOUR is coorperating with "karimun-paradise" that is arranging package tours to Karimun Java.


The reason we chose to coorperate with this group is that they focus on a positive experience in visiting Karimun Java.

We feel they are responsible and will not sell a "cheap" trip leaving the visitors unhappy at the end of the trip.


Things you should remember to get clarified from any company offering you a "cheap" trip:


1 What ferry will you be in? (fast or slow ferry)

2 How is your accommodation while on the island? (Aircon or no Aircon? Own toilet? etc)

3 What is the menue for your stay?

4 What boats and safety is provided for your water adventure? (Get picture of the boat they will use)


Book your trip at Karimun Paradise.